Shenzhen Lawyers Association is a social organization legal person founded according to law, and is a self-discipline industrial organization of Shenzhen lawyers. It implements management on the lawyer practitioners in Shenzhen, and accepts supervision and guidance of the jurisdictional and administrative organs.

Shenzhen Lawyers Association was founded in 1988, and the first congress of Shenzhen lawyers was convened in August 1988, which declared foundation of Shenzhen Lawyers Association and enacted the Articles of Association for Shenzhen Lawyers Association. That is a milestone in the institutional history of Shenzhen Lawyers Association.

The president of the association is concurrently assumed by a jurisdictional or administrative leader from the first to the third session of lawyers association. On July 17, 2003, the fourth Shenzhen lawyers congress carried out a democratic reform, and elected the president, vice president and council of the lawyers association from the lawyer practitioners by means of civil election, direct election and election campaign. The third session of the fourth Shenzhen lawyers congress convened on August 27, 2005 deliberated and enacted Articles of Association for Shenzhen Lawyers Association (Draft Amendment). The Articles of Association for Shenzhen Lawyers Association (Draft Amendment) sets up a board of supervisors which supervises the work of the association. On December 17, 2005, the fifth Shenzhen lawyers congress was convened, when the first board of supervisors of Shenzhen Lawyers Association was elected.

By October 2006, Shenzhen Lawyers Association is composed of 224 institutional members and 4034 individual lawyer practitioner members.

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